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12 Signs You Are Desperate for College Football

June 30th, 2014| by

By Jim Weber

It’s been over six months since the BCS title game and there’s still 59 days left until 2014 kicks off, making it feel like the season might never get here.

With the World Cup the only thing keeping us sane as sports fans right now, here’s 12 Signs You Are Desperate for College Football.

1. Instead of counting down to summer, you’re counting down to the end of summer

Your high school self would probably kick your ass for saying this.

2. When you wake up on a beautiful Saturday morning and realize “College GameDay” isn’t on, you groan, roll over and go back to sleep

Saturday mornings just aren’t worth waking up for without these four.


3. When you flip through channels on Wednesday night, you think to yourself, “What I wouldn’t give for some MACtion right now…”

Actually, you say that every night. But Wednesdays in particular…


4. When people say the college football season starts on August 28th, you correct them and say the season actually starts on August 27th with Abilene Christian at Georgia State

7:00 PM on ESPNU. Get your popcorn ready…


5. You’ve read every major college football preview magazine cover to cover – including the Sun Belt section

Ole Miss (9.13) and Boise State (9.20) better watch their backs for the Ragin’ Cajuns!

6. While looking for sports to watch on a summer Saturday afternoon, you come across a show called “Have a Turkey Neck?” – and leave the channel on

There’s something oddly hypnotizing about watching people jiggle skin from their neck.

7. You watch old games on ESPNU and say to yourself, “Since I don’t remember who won this game, it’s basically live…”

Keep telling yourself that.

8. The fact that EA Sports isn’t releasing a college football video game this year has ruined the best part of your summer

You can never convince me all the EA college football games are the exact same, dammit!


9. When your World Cup-obsessed friends now refer to soccer as “football,” it takes everything in your power not to unleash a fit of rage

And them explaining that “football” as a name makes more sense for soccer is the last straw.


10. You’ve listened to CBS’ college football theme song on YouTube

The only thing standing between this and the title of “best sports theme song ever” is John Tesh.

11. You’re watching Wimbledon just to size up Chris Fowler’s play-by-play abilities for “Saturday Night Football”

And keep waiting for him to say, “YOU ARE LOOKING LIVE at Centre Court of the All England Club!!!”


12. You actually take the time to read a ridiculous article called “12 Signs You Are Desperate for College Football”

See what I did there? Hang in there folks, just two more months to go…

Jim Weber is the president and founder of LostLettermen.com. You can follow him at @JimMWeber and @LostLettermen.





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