16. Mike Woods (Georgia) - Lost Lettermen

16. Mike Woods (Georgia)

December 13th, 2008| by

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16. Mike Woods (Georgia)

Why does Mike Woods – known as the “Big Dawg” – have a giant Georgia Bulldog logo painted onto his head? To honor his late father.

It was Woods’ dad that created the tradition when the two hit the road for the 1982 Sugar Bowl vs. Pitt. When Woods’ father passed away a couple years later, Woods continued the practice in his dad’s honor.

Woods’ wife starts by laying down a base of white paint, hardening it with a mini fan and then plastering on a Georgia logo. Woods also dons a pair of overalls covered with Georgia material to games.

The 1980 Georgia-Florida game remains a sore subject in the Woods household. While his wife was tending to their youngest son stricken by pneumonia, Woods was in Jacksonville watching Lindsay Scott’s legendary 92-yard touchdown catch en route to the program’s only national title.

Give it another 30 years.


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