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17-Year-Old Girl Plays QB for Florida HS

August 30th, 2012| by

Erin Dimeglio did the seemingly impossible last Friday night: She made a preseason high school football game interesting. Understandable when you’re a 17-year-old girl lining up at quarterback.

Dimeglio is the third-string QB at Florida’s South Plantation High School, just outside Fort Lauderdale. Late in a preseason game with Seminole Ridge, Dimeglio was sent in. By all accounts she is the first girl to play QB for a Florida high school.

It’s part of the 5-foot-6 Dimeglio’s ploy to attract scouts. College basketball scouts.

“Maybe being different will help,” she told Christy Cabrera Chirinos of the Sun Sentinel. “They’ll remember me as the girl that plays football.”

South Plantation coach Doug Gatewood said he’s had two girls try out for him previously — a wide receiver and a kicker — whom he didn’t keep. Dimeglio, he says, is different.

“Erin can actually do what we ask of her,” he says. “She completes the passes I ask, she knows the plays. Anything I ask her to do, she does.”

We’ll be sure to keep an eye on if Dimeglio sees regular-season action.


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