2.  Miami’s Pell Grant Scandal - Lost Lettermen

2.  Miami’s Pell Grant Scandal

January 1st, 2009| by

You didn’t think we’d leave “The U” off this list, did you? Miami academic advisor Tony Russell doled out some terrible advise during his career at Miami, primarily that it’s easy to falsify Pell Grants to aid students pay tuition. The result was a huge scandal in which a total of $212,969 in Pell Grant funds were kicked back to football players who falsified their applications. With the help of their academic advisor, of course (that is what he’s there for, right?).

During testimony, UM defensive lineman Rusty Medearis talked learned about the racket from his roommates: “They were slapping high-fives and singing and dancing. They kept on saying, ‘measy-oney. (easy money)’ ”

While the Pell grants got the most attention, the school also gave an addition $412,000 in excessive financial aid due to improperly calculating off-campus room and board for 141 football players. Oh, and there was a violation of drug-testing procedure thrown in there. The Hurricanes received a one-year bowl ban and the loss of 31 scholarships and had people crying for the death penalty. As for Russell? He was sentenced to three years in federal prison. Apparently the federal government doesn’t appreciate you scamming them out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.


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