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3. Snoop Dogg (USC)

October 20th, 2008| by

Like Will Ferrell, Snoop Dogg (real name, Calvin Broadus) was a constant presence on the USC sidelines and practices before the NCAA sanctions. But unlike Ferrell, Snoop never enrolled at USC. Although he likes to think if college had been on his radar, USC would’ve been the perfect school for Snoop. That Cardinal and Gold looks pretty good on him, at least when he’s not being arrested in it:


But Snoop Dogg’s love of the Trojans and football doesn’t end with going to games. He’s actually a certified football coach in California and has coached his son’s youth football team.

While there are a ton of celebrity champion chasers on the USC bandwagon (Spike Lee and Nick Lachey, to name a few), Snoop bleeds Cardinal and Gold. After Les Miles ridiculed USC’s schedule during the 2007 season, Snoop responded by posting an epic audio clip online:

“Les Miles up on the radio sayin’ USC ain’t nobody, we ain’t played nobody, we ain’t never gonna be nobody because we ain’t in a conference full of p****** and we don’t play nobody tough. Who the f*** is Les Miles? Of the SEC? We done played Arkansas last year, Les. Tore their a** up by 40 last year, Les. They won your division last year, Les. B**** a** motherf*****. We talkin’ about Les Miles, Les who called a timeout after an interception when the clock was already stopped. That’s some dumb s***, cuz… That don’t make no sense. That’s like this time a b**** come up in my crib and told me she wanna go to dinner after we f***.”

If we recall correctly, we think that’s how Verne Lundquist described the call at the time.




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