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Alabama Shirt Compares Saban to Satan

September 11th, 2012| by

Several members of the college football cognoscenti have shared their dislike of Alabama and head coach Nick Saban. One Crimson Tide t-shirt has taken that identity and run with it.

The shirt has the words “Hail Saban” abutting a circle, within which lies a Satanic pentagram. Instead of a goat’s head (the animal originally inside the Church of Satan insignia), there’s an elephant.

The five corners of the pentagram point to the following: the number 14 (representing ‘Bama’s national titles), Bear Bryant’s houndstooth hat, the insignia for Jack Daniels’ “Old No. 7,” a dollar sign and a football.

We think this is pretty funny. We take it that the dollar sign represents Saban’s salary and not accusations that he pays his players.

For anyone offended by the t-shirt, just be thankful that it’s not nearly as tasteless as anything designed with the “Osama Bin Saban” nickname in mind.

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