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All in the Family: Comparing Stoops, Baldwin Brothers

September 13th, 2011| by

Stay with us here.

The Stoops are one of the most famous families in football as all four brothers are in college coaching and Bob is respected as one of the best minds in the college game. Meanwhile, the four Baldwin boys also all went into the same industry, acting, and are now a brand name in the profession like the Sheens or Coppolas.

We examine the similarities between the two families.


Bob Stoops is … Alec Baldwin

This is a no-brainer. Bob and Alec are both the headliners that garner all the press coverage and accolades, while also showing a white-hot temper.

Stoops was a prodigy as Florida’s defensive coordinator who got the job at Oklahoma at the age of 39 and won a national title in his second year in Norman. With a total of seven Big 12 titles, Stoops has the No. 1 team in the country again and is looking to clutch the crystal ball for the second time. He’s prone to be a sourpuss on the sidelines and with the media, and we wouldn’t recommend hot-dogging on his watch.

As for Alec, everything has always seemed to come easy for him after a break-out role in “Beetlejuice” in 1988 at the age of 32. He’s been in pretty much everything you can imagine since then, winning two Emmy Awards in the process. He currently stars on the hit NBC show “30 Rock,” showing he is still on top.

But just like Bob Stoops, you won’t like Alec Baldwin when he’s angry – just ask his daughter.


Mark Stoops is … Billy Baldwin

When discussing the Baldwin brothers, it’s usually Alec and everybody else. But Billy has seen his career recently blossom with roles in “Gossip Girl” and “Parenthood,” two strong shows with large niche followings. No, he’s not an A-list guy like his brother, but he has a lot to offer and could eventually land a lead role like brother Alec.

That sounds exactly like Mark Stoops, who hasn’t even been a head coach in his career, while Bob already has won a national championship and garnered all the aforementioned accolades.

But Mark is a valuable guy who has flown under the radar. He was the defensive coordinator on the staff of his brother, Mike, at Arizona from 2004-09, during which time he helped with the resurrection of the Wildcats’ program. Now, he is the defensive coordinator at Florida State, a national title contender in 2011.

If the Seminoles do have breakout success, it could mean even bigger things for Mark – like a head coaching gig as early as next season.

And yes, we compared a defensive coordinator to an actor on a CW romance drama. Fits perfectly!


Mike Stoops is … Stephen Baldwin

Both of these guys have lost it. Mike is known for a nuclear temper on the sideline that, at times, could make Bo Pelini blush. Stephen is a born-again Christian whose political rhetoric has become infamous.

The two might be in different worlds, but we can see Mike on FOX News screaming about current events, while Stephen is mercurial enough to stomp around on the sideline breathing fire.

In fact, Stephen became so infuriated during the 2008 Presidential election that he threatened to leave the country if Barack Obama was elected. He stayed, and so did Mike despite spending some time on the hot seat in Tuscon.

But if Stephen runs for New York City mayor, as he suggested to conservative talk-show host Alex Jones in June, we think Mike Stoops would be a great campaign manager.


Ron Stoops Jr. is … Daniel Baldwin

Wait, who?

Most people don’t even realize there is a Ron Stoops Jr. or a Daniel Baldwin. So let us be the first ones to introduce them to the world. Ron Jr., the eldest of the Stoops brothers, is a linebackers coach at his alma mater, Youngstown State. Daniel Baldwin has been perhaps the least successful Baldwin brother, starring in straight-to-video movies and battling drug problems.

While his brothers were conquering the college coaching ranks, Stoops Jr. stayed in the high school game – mostly as a defensive assistant – since graduating from Youngstown State in 1980. He made the jump to YSU in 2010.

As for Daniel, he has had battles with cocaine and problems with the law for decades. He also appeared on “Celebrity Fit Club” and “Celebrity Rehab” despite being a true celebrity only in last name.

Thankfully, Stoops Jr. hasn’t had the same off-the-field problems as Daniel Baldwin, although he’s so anonymous you wouldn’t know about it anyway.






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