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A&M, Notre Dame Releasing Fragrances

June 21st, 2013| by

The sights and sounds of college football at both Texas A&M and Notre Dame are very familiar to fans of the Aggies and Fighting Irish, respectively, at this point. Now, both schools are becoming the latest programs to try and bottle their team’s smell.

Get ready for fragrance lines that try to capture the essence of A&M and Notre Dame football.

The Aggies’ new perfume and cologne come courtesy of Masik, a “collegiate fragrance” company that has previously released scents for the likes of Florida, LSU, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Penn State and Alabama. The Fighting Irish, meanwhile, partnered with Cloudbreak Group — the same company that produced a perfume and cologne line for the New York Yankees — on their new fragrances.

Isn’t the smell of meat grilling at a Saturday tailgate good enough for you?

[Dr. Saturday]




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