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Another FL H.S. Gets Oregon-Like Unis

October 25th, 2012| by

Surely, you remember the stir caused by the crazy neon uniforms of Atlantic High School in Delray Beach, FL, last month that went viral on the internet.

Well, apparently the rapper Flo Rida was so enamored with them that he had his high school alma mater contact the company that created them, Futuristic Woo, to create equally outrageous threads for Miami (FL) Carol City High. The uniforms will be worn next season as a gift from the rapper to celebrate the high school’s 50th anniversary.

The resulting look? A Halloween horror of black and orange.

Check below for photos of the Carol City Chiefs’ unis that feature a headdress on the helmet with black, orange and white uniforms. The threads feature bizarre cubic numbering and a massive chief’s head that stretches across both pant legs. They look about 10,000 years into the future from the team’s current uniforms and are being panned on the internet as “the worst uniforms ever.”

If Futuristic Woo ever starts designing college football uniforms, run for the hills.




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