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Arizona St. ‘Disney-fies’ Sun Devil Mascot

March 3rd, 2013| by

Arizona State’s “Sparky the Sun Devil” mascot always looked goofy in spite of its demonic nickname. Hoping to broaden its mascot’s appeal to younger fans, the school opted to make Sparky even cuddlier-looking.

Teaming with Disney, ASU unveiled a new Sparky on Friday — one that the school plans to use “in a variety of applications that appeal to younger audiences, including comic books, children’s books and animated productions,” according to a release.

It was a Disney artist, Bert Anthony, who came up with the original Sparky design back in 1946. This latest version seems even more “Disney-fied,” with a toothy smile and big “Disney eyes.” It almost resembles a horned version of The Count from “Sesame Street.”

[Arizona State Athletics]

Old Sparky

New Sparky





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