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Ban on UK Gear at UL Construction Site?

July 23rd, 2012| by

The new University of Louisville Student Recreation Center (SRC) is scheduled to open in the fall 2013 and “provide much needed space for the expansion of recreational sports and fitness opportunities” for students.

Apparently, construction of the 128,000-square foot facility isn’t just dependent on diligence from the work crew. It’s also dependent on the crew’s unequivocal support for Louisville sports and only Louisville sports.

According to, an email from the SRC’s project superintendent sent an email blast warning employees and vendors that support for other teams will not be tolerated at the construction site. The email also established July 13 as the last day that such behavior would be tolerated.

While Kentucky was not specified as an “other team,” it is certainly implied. Best of luck enforcing that rule in a state that is still celebrating the Wildcats’ 2012 national title in men’s basketball.

[Kentucky Sports Radio]






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