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Bettor Could Win $10K on FGCU Wager

March 25th, 2013| by

Ricky Jay Fredericks didn’t anticipate any returns on his wager that Florida Gulf Coast would make the Final Four. Now, the Las Vegas casino greeter is two Eagles wins away from turning a $10 ticket into $10,000.

No, Fredericks doesn’t have savant-like abilities when it comes to sports betting. Rather, the wager came about by chance. He told ESPN’s Darren Rovell that a roommate owed him $5, so instead of taking the cash, they placed a $10 bet with him and his roommate splitting the possible proceeds.

“My roommate placed a bunch of bets, and this is just the one he randomly gave me,” Fredricks said. “I don’t think he intended for them to actually win. He has a much larger bet on Florida [FGCU’s opponent on Friday] to win the championship, as well as a large wager on the field bet.

“It’s a fun sweat for good friends. Five thousand for five dollars. Would be a nice return on investment.”

That’s the epitome of an understatement if we ever heard one.





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