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Coach K Limbers Up with Yoga in London

July 30th, 2012| by

Kobe Bryant’s proclamation that the current U.S. men’s basketball team could beat the original ’92 Dream Team might be folly. But the current squad has already surpassed their predecessors in one regard: Hilarious photos.

On Monday morning, point guard Deron Williams caught the U.S. head coach, Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski, in the middle of a downward dog yoga pose during team practice.

It’s just the latest salvo fired in an ongoing, hilarious Instagram “war” amidst the U.S. team.

And we applaud Coach K for limbering up in preparation for the U.S. defending its gold medal from 2008. It especially makes sense considering Krzyzewski’s history of back trouble.

But Williams better be on guard for payback from the Blue Devils head coach.

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