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College App ‘Blend’ Blocks Ohio State Students

March 7th, 2014| by

The new social media app Blend encourages anyone with a “.edu” email address to share photos that match the app’s theme of the day, such as “Tailgate Saturday” or “Library Shenanigans.” Unless you’re an Ohio State student.

That’s because one of the app’s creators, Akash Nigam, is a Michigan dropout. As he told Mashable, “It’s like, look, let’s fix the problem for the people we care about, and we just don’t care about Ohio State. That’s what it comes down to. We said, ‘they probably shouldn’t be included in a cool product that we’re building.’“

Whenever an Ohio State student signs up for Blend, their account is automatically deleted. Nigam and app cofounder Matt Geiger estimate that they’ve deleted more than 2,000 accounts from Ohio State since the app’s launch last October.

“[Ohio State] hasn’t been too happy,” Nigam told Mashable. “I think on our Facebook some guy was like super angry and sent us a few messages, but, I mean … sucks to suck.”






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