Custom Title Belt Celebrates Alabama FB - Lost Lettermen

Custom Title Belt Celebrates Alabama FB

May 24th, 2013| by

One has to imagine that there’s probably some significant overlap between fans of college football and fans of professional wrestling. According to a Redditor/Clemson fan named Elizabeth, Dixie Graphics in Nashville can combine those two loves of yours in spectacularly gaudy fashion.

A company that “mainly readies customer files for print and then creates photopolymer plates for printing presses,” Dixie Graphics — for whom Elizabeth is an intern — also designs custom wrestling championship belts for around $1,000-a-pop.

The one that Elizabeth posted a photo of is an Alabama belt that was likely designed after the Crimson Tide captured the 2009 national title. Their full list of SEC championships is listed on the left, while the national championships are listed on the right, flanking a middle plate with Alabama’s custom script “A.”

If you look very closely, notice how the metal plates have a subtle, houndstooth etching in the background. Even if you’re neither an Alabama nor a wrestling fan, you’ll have a hard time not appreciating the effort that went into this.






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