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Dilfer Trashes OU Offense During Draft

April 29th, 2013| by

After former Oklahoma QB Landry Jones was drafted in the fourth round by the Pittsburgh Steelers on Saturday, ESPN brought in former NFL QB Trent Dilfer to provide an evaluation of the ex-Sooners signal-caller.

Instead, Dilfer took the time to blast the offense in which Jones set a bevy of school records.

“I went through all Landry Jones’ 2012 film and I just disregarded it. I do not hold him accountable for what happened last year. The offense is a joke. It’s spitball. The receivers are brutal. The playcalling is brutal. They take him out in the red zone, they never let him get into a flow. My final grade on Landry Jones is go back to 2011, he’s a high-ceiling guy. I like a lot about him. I hate what they did with him in 2012…The whole offense is built around getting flashy numbers and not scoring points.”

It’s worth noting that Jones threw for 4,267 yards and 30 TDs in 2012 for an offense that was 15th in the FBS in scoring (38.2 PPG). Suffice to say, we have not the slightest clue why Dilfer was so eager to express his ire toward OU.

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