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Draymond Green Dunks… on Own Hoop

January 21st, 2012| by

We know that weekend games at noon are tough for college students that are used to waking up at that time but what Michigan State big man Draymond Green did Saturday against Purdue defied all explanation.

That’s because early in the first half against the Boilermakers, Green went up for a defensive rebound and instead dunked the ball into his own hoop for two Purdue points. Check out the video below in which Green clearly jams the ball into his own hoop. We’ve seen players inadvertently score on their own baskets before but this is the first time we can recall someone dunking on their own hoop.

We’re not sure if Green forgot he was on defense or what other explanation he has, but expect the next film session with Tom Izzo to be unpleasant.





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