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Duke Bro in Pink ‘YOLO’ Hat Goes Viral

March 6th, 2013| by

We’d like to thank the fan in the Cameron Indoor Stadium stands during Duke’s 85-57 victory over Virginia Tech on Tuesday night for epitomizing most college basketball fans’ immense dislike of Dookies.

No doubt embracing his school’s fratty and bro-ish reputation, one fan sported a pink trucker hat with “YOLO” written on the front (which stands for the popular phrase “You Only Live Once”) as well as a pair of shades to compliment his blue-and-white striped bow tie, white buttoned-down shirt and blue sweater.

Rather than voicing our own opinion on the matter — we have to be objective, after all — we’ll share with you our favorite Twitter responses to this guy.

It looks like the Alabama crying frat boy, Allyn Cramer, has some company in infamy.

[The Big Lead]





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