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Fan Carves Funny UGA-Themed Pumpkins

October 24th, 2012| by

To celebrate Halloween, some SEC football fans dress up as disgraced former rival coaches and their mistresses. Others memorialize their favorite gridiron memories via pumpkin.

Reddit user bpmackie falls into the latter camp. And we are very impressed with his creations.

His self-proclaimed “UGA Halloween tradition” is to carve pumpkins that pay tribute to the Bulldogs. Hence his Knowshon Moreno pumpkin, which captures the former Georgia running back in his famous (in Athens anyway) position of hurdling a Central Michigan defender during a 2008 game.

But for bpmackie, it’s not just an opportunity to salute his beloved Dawgs. It’s also his chance to take digs at SEC rivals.

Such as the time when Georgia’s mascot, Uga, nearly bit Auburn’s Robert Baker after he scored a Tigers touchdown in 1996. Or our favorite of the three pumpkins: A scarily accurate rendering of Florida coach Will Muschamp, with his trademark bug-eyed stare, and the purposely misspelled “Muschump” running above his visage.

A happy Halloween to you too, bpmackie.






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