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Fan Places Bounty on Recruit, Apologizes

June 1st, 2012| by

Michigan recruit Logan Tuley-Tillman burning an Ohio State recruiting letter has ignited an all-out war of words between Michigan and Ohio State fans and recruits, including reported death threats for Tuley-Tillman and fellow UM recruit Kyle Bosch threatening to brandish a gun to “show (OSU fans) what a real death threat is.”

But nothing has been more reprehensible than Ohio State fan Harrison Watson tweeting out “$2000 to whoever sidelines this kid permanently” with a link to an ESPN story on Tuley-Tillman, followed by “#GoBucks – Enjoy purgatory Logan.”

Watson later apologized on his website and wrote, “Last night, I made some remarks that were meant to be a joke amongst friends. These remarks were regrettable and reprehensible. Today, I have been receiving attention from many individuals asking for my comment on these unfortunate remarks made by myself on my Twitter account last night. This is my official comment.”

He followed by saying he would donate $2,000 to the University of Michigan “to be used towards increasing the already spectacular educational programs that they possess.”

While it was big of Watson to apologize with such a huge donation, this was a deplorable gaffe and especially idiotic to tweet out in light of the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal in the NFL.

It’s pretty clear that fans should stop injecting their sentiments on this issue unless they are ready for a huge backlash.

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