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Feud Erupts Between Cal, Stanford Papers

October 22nd, 2012| by

While the 114th edition of the Big Game between Cal and Stanford was played out on Saturday and resulted in the Cardinal’s third-straight win, another battle involving the rival Bay Area institutions has unfolded. One involving the schools’ newspapers.

UC-Berkeley’s Daily Californian and the Stanford Daily joined forces to put out a single issue previewing Saturday’s game. On the day of the game, the Daily Cal’s blog ran an entry taking potshots at what they deemed was the Stanford Daily’s poor copy editing skills.

Even though the post seems like it was written partially in jest, the higher-ups at the Stanford Daily did not take kindly to it.

“I am shocked that any person would find joy in mocking or attempting to shame [our copy editors],” wrote editor-in-chief Billy Gallagher in a rebuttal post. “This post was a low point in a storied history, making a fantastic Cal newspaper appear small and petty.”

Gallagher was also offended by the caption of a picture of an injured Stanford Daily staffer taken during the papers’ annual flag football game. It read, “This is what happens when you mess with the Daily Cal” and was retweeted by Yahoo! Sports writer (and Cal alum) Mike Silver.

Call it “The War of the Words.”






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