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Fine Accuser Lied, Bitter Over ‘03 Title

April 13th, 2012| by

Zach Tomaselli, one of three men who accused former Syracuse assistant coach Bernie Fine of sexual abuse, has admitted that he made the whole thing up.

This probably isn’t a huge shock considering that Tomaselli was sentenced to three years in prison recently for sexually abusing a teenager. What is mind-boggling? That Tomaselli said his reasoning for the elaborate fabrication was his disdain for Syracuse that dates back to the Orange beating the Kansas Jayhawks – his favorite team – in the 2003 title game.

“It has become a burden of a lie and I am sick of it. Bobby Davis told me what to tell detectives and it pretty much took off from there. The evidence that supports me is just pure luck, not real evidence. I made the ENTIRE thing up. I have never met Bernie in my life,” Tomaselli wrote in e-mails, according to CNY Central.

Asked if he had an apology, Tomaselli replied, “Yes. Is it heartfelt. Probably Not. I don’t have feelings. I just don’t..”

While we’ve seen college fans do some pretty crazy things recently, making up an entire story of sexual abuse over a loss is the sickest.

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