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.. Means No Coach Is Safe

While not completely original,, which was created the same year (2002) as, as the Vols floundered to an 8-5 season. It was the first site of its kind to attack a coach with this amount of success; Fulmer had won the national title in 1998. But Vol fans clearly had a short memory and if the Zook website set the bar for unrealistic expectations for new hires, the Fulmer website made it OK to attack even successful coaches.

While the site claimed never to actually advocate Fulmer’s firing (uh, right), the creators did write, “we just want him to lift the team out of perpetual under-performance (face it-almost anybody could lead that much talent to victory).” The founders finally got their wish when Fulmer was fired after the 2008 campaign, Fulmer’s second losing season in four years.


FOIA Request Dooms Nutt >>>






Lost Lettermen

Lost Lettermen was launched in March 2009 as a news website and database dedicated to college sports and its former players (hence the name)

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