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Florida’s Pease Makes Harry Potter Pitch

April 24th, 2013| by

Is anyone having more fun with Photoshop at the moment than Florida assistant coaches Joker Phillips and Brent Pease?

While Phillips has made several Batman-related pitches to potential recruits via his Twitter page, Pease has been much more multifaceted with his film choices. After starting off with a nod to Top Gun, he’s now entered the world of Hogwarts, creating a picture of his Gator QBs staring at a Quidditch-playing Harry Potter.

We do not doubt that this would resonate with today’s recruits, as many of them were at the target age when Harry Potter became universally popular. We’re just confused as to the connection between his abilities as a Seeker and why it epitomizes standout QB play.

If anything, Pease’s troops should take after Chasers, right?

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