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Franklin Gives Rousing Post-Loss Speech

September 6th, 2013| by

In the motivational speech department, even the fictional coach Eric Taylor of “Friday Night Lights” has reason to bow down to Vanderbilt’s James Franklin.

Following his team’s 39–35 gut-check loss to Ole Miss on August 29th, Franklin rallied his downtrodden troops with one hell of a postgame speech, the video to which was just released Thursday. Franklin told his players the following:

“I love you. We’re going to be a very, very good football team. We’re going to get better because of this. … We’re going to learn. We’re going to make some adjustments. We’re going to be very critical of ourselves, everybody included, myself starting with me. Be very critical of ourselves, fix the things that need to get fixed, move on.

“Last year we didn’t start off the way we wanted to start out either, we had a hell of a season. So stick together, believe in one another, love each other, keep working. Keep working, six seconds at a time, just get better every single day. It’s gonna hurt. Go to sleep, wake up in the morning and move on. Everybody got me?

“Believe in yourself, believe in your teammates, believe in the program and what we’re doing, keep moving in the right direction. Everybody got me? Everybody understand that? I love you, it starts with ‘I love you,’ it always ends with ‘I love you.’ ”

If the Commodores rebound from their loss to the Rebels to have a successful season, they’ll look at this speech as the glue that kept them together.




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