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Franklin Offering Scholarships to Unborn

June 25th, 2013| by

It’s now a common joke that colleges have started targeting potential recruits at such an early age that the day will soon come when scholarship offers are made to kids still in the womb.

In the world of Vanderbilt head football coach James Franklin, that day is today.

“If I see a 6-foot-6 man walking in the mall with his wife, and she’s 6-2 and she’s pregnant, I’ll go up and offer their unborn child,” Franklin told The Tennessean. “I’m not exaggerating. I do that all the time. … It’s about developing a relationship with people. It’s about getting them connected with Vanderbilt. It’s about making people laugh and telling a story and having fun. It’s about having a sense of humor and not being some robot coach that I don’t want to be.”

Franklin’s past effort to be a non-robot coach have included stating his preference for assistant coaches with attractive wives and needling his Alabama counterpart by calling him “Nicky Satan.”

Considering how far the once-moribund Commodores program has come under his watch, who are we to argue with his methods?

[Dr. Saturday]

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