Gamecocks Post-UGA Win Vid Going Viral - Lost Lettermen

Gamecocks Post-UGA Win Vid Going Viral

October 10th, 2012| by

If the University of South Carolina hasn’t already hired Justin King to make their 2012 Season in Review video, they really ought to give him a call.

King currently calls San Antonio home, but the South Carolina graduate’s heart will always be in Columbia. That’s evidenced by the video he put together after the Gamecocks’ victory over Georgia on Saturday.

You know those epic movie trailers that make you want to run through a brick wall? King’s video is very similar to that, interspersing highlights from the game with inspirational messages about the season thus far and what lies ahead (namely the LSU game this Saturday).

Since being posted on Tuesday, the video already has more than 20,000 YouTube views and a 568-to-2, like-to-dislike ratio as of 11 AM ET on Wednesday. Our guess is that those two dislikes are from Georgia fans. Just an inkling we have.





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