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Georgia State Dropping $10K at Game

October 5th, 2012| by

The Georgia State athletic department has come up with possibly the most genius idea to draw fans to watch an 0-5 football team: A $10,000 cash drop.

You see, the FCS Panthers are facing New Hampshire on Saturday at the Georgia Dome and need all the support they can get. So the university has partnered with Georgia’s Own Credit Union to drop $10,000 in cash from the rafters onto the field, where the students will be waiting and mayhem will undoubtedly ensue.

Sports Illustrated’s Andy Staples checked with John Infante of the Bylaw Blog to see if players from both teams could participate in the cash drop. The answer? Yes. “Infante wrote that since the cash drop is open to any student, then it would not qualify as an extra benefit for a Georgia State athlete.”

We can only imagine how this will turn out if gigantic football players in pads start leveling students to get as much cash as they can.

This reminds us of the scene in the original Batman in which The Joker throws himself a parade and showers the crowd with money. Let’s hope this turns out better than that.




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