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G’town CBB Fans Call Pitt Traitors & Liars

January 9th, 2013| by

At Georgetown, constructing banners for basketball games that use “ESPN” or whichever network is broadcasting the game as an acronym is so passé. They opt for signs that send a message.

For Tuesday night’s matchup against Pitt, members of the Hoyas student section held up two banners that, combined, read “Traitors and Liars Will Not Be Missed.” It was meant to be a dig at the ignominious manner in which the Panthers opted to leave the Big East for the ACC.

Of course, as Yahoo! Sports’ Jeff Eisenberg notes, it was Georgetown that orchestrated the departure of the “Catholic 7” from the Big East last month. Perhaps karmic forces punished Hoya fans for their hypocrisy in the form of a 73–45 loss — the program’s worst home defeat since 1971.






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