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H.S. FB Player Makes Hilarious Spoof Reel

February 27th, 2013| by

For many high school football players with aspirations of earning a scholarship, putting together a highlight reel for recruiters is serious business. In which case Rich Tran of Dominion High School in Sterling, VA, is not like most high school football players.

Using the video services offered by Hudl, Tran constructed a “highlight” video of his prep career. But while his counterparts’ reels often feature game-changing plays, Tran’s consisted of shots of him standing on the sideline, running passing routs without having the ball thrown to him, missing tackles on special teams and the like.

“I spent a lot more time working on it than it looks,” Tran, a tight end and linebacker who played primarily as a special teamer, told The Washington Post. “Roughly an hour, I’d say. And actually, I made another video first, but I accidentally exited out of it before saving, so I had to do it again. So maybe two hours total … Really, the plays in the video were the only ones that I was on the field for this season. But overall, I had a lot of fun.”

Tran says his college hopes are to attend either Christopher Newport or VCU to study sports marketing. From the looks of his video and the sounds of his interview, he might want to consider a career in comedy as well.

[Washington Post]




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