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Hot Pants Heat Up Auburn Fall Practice

August 2nd, 2012| by

Perhaps Auburn head coach Gene Chizik is trying to make his players more aerodynamic.

On Wednesday night, Reddit user jesusonadinosaur posted photos of several Tigers players sporting what can only be described as “football hot pants” during their fall practices. Actually, they are just football compression shorts that allow for a lot of mobility and keep the players cool in the brutal Alabama summer heat.

But seeing so many hulking football players in such skimpy clothing has led to plenty of chuckling on Reddit with comments such as, “They weren’t practicing. They were re-recording the music video to YMCA!

Former offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn and his up-tempo offense are now at Arkansas State, and the Auburn defensive backfield has been burned on downfield plays repeatedly the past two seasons. Is this the Tigers’ offseason strategy for getting faster?

Of course, when it comes to short shorts, no one will ever top former Alabama player Joe Namath.






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