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Huskers’ DE on Twitter: We Need Checks

July 11th, 2012| by

Nebraska’s Eric Martin made the case for paying college athletes – indirectly, at least.

The senior defensive tackle unleashed a recent Twitter tirade begging for his a check, which is a stipend given to him on the first day of summer classes as a result of his position as a student-athlete. Click on The Big Lead link below for more details.

But there’s something else going on here: It’s not just Martin asking for what’s his. It’s Martin making the case that many have for years because he needs the money for, as he tweeted, “Rent, cell phone, utilities, credit card bill, car insurance, gas, and food …” while he helps make millions for his school.

Martin followed that with “WE NEED OUR CHECKS!!”

And that was the theme for Martin, who used that phrase following everything he tweeted. Here are some examples: “Thinkin bout applying to be a construction worker in Lincoln WE NEED OUR CHECKS!!”

And this: “Coaches wondering why everyones body fat going down WE NEED OUR CHECKS!!”

Click on the link below for Martin’s Twitter feed, which helped prove our own Jim Weber’s point.

[The Big Lead]

[Eric Martin on Twitter]





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