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Illinois’ Zook Walks Out of Own Presser

November 15th, 2011| by

After losing four straight and with No. 17 Wisconsin coming to town, the end might be near for Illinois coach Ron Zook.

But we wouldn’t recommend asking him about that.

Zook made that clear during his Tuesday news conference, when he warned reporters that he wouldn’t take any questions about his future with the Illini. When someone asked about whether the rumors were a distraction to the team, Zook took a long pause, shook his head and replied, “You just couldn’t let it go, could you Shannon?” before walking out of the press conference.

Personally, we think this is ridiculous. Zook is paid over $1.5 million per year, and he can’t even handle a softball question like that?

Zook might not need to worry about that line of questioning much longer as he could be out of a job very soon.

Click on the link below for footage.

[Illinois Home Page]





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