Iowa’s ‘Vodka Samm’ Gets Epic Painting

September 25th, 2013| by

Iowa City, IA, artist Heidi Atkins McEchron was so taken by Hawkeyes fan Samantha Goudie blowing a .341 on a breathalyzer prior to the August 31st home game against Northern Illinois that she commemorated it with an oil painting accompanied by a word blurb that reads, “.341 B*tches!”

Titled “An Intelligent Young Woman With a Bright Future,” McEchron’s painting is listed on eBay for $146.50 (as of 1:00 PM ET Wednesday). Here’s the hilarious descriptor of the painting:

This painting depicts my interpretation of the adorably wasted University of Iowa student who stumbled her way into the Internet’s heart after she reportedly tried to get onto the field at Kinnick Stadium before being stopped by police and arrested. According to her Twitter bragging (and ICPD report), her blood alcohol content was .341, which I believe is just above comatose and therefore a feat worth celebrating. A perfect example of fleeting Internet celebrity (or at least ignominy), “.341 Grrl” is truly an inspiration to all current and former students of the UI. Own a piece of history today!

Is this our generation’s Mona Lisa?






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