Jim Boeheim Takes Swipe at Danny Green

June 28th, 2013| by

Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim had no reason (that we know of) to rain on Danny Green’s coming out party with the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA Finals — but the famously dour Boeheim did it anyway.

“Part of you wants the Spurs to win because they have such a great organization,” Boeheim told The Syracuse Post-Standard in a recent interview concerning Games 6 and 7 of the Finals. “They do it the right way. They did everything they could to win. But in the end, Danny Green proved why he’s been in and out of the league all the time.”

Did Green — a North Babylon, NY, native — snub his home-state Orange in favor of North Carolina and earn the permanent ire of Boeheim, as Jason McIntyre of The Big Lead suggested? That’s the only explanation for this bizarre criticism that we can think of.

[The Big Lead]





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