Kansas Football: Jayhawks Unveil ‘Crimson Chrome’ Uniform (VIDEO) - Lost Lettermen

Kansas Football: Jayhawks Unveil ‘Crimson Chrome’ Uniform (VIDEO)

August 13th, 2014| by

Kansas football has unveiled new “Crimson Chrome” uniforms and helmets. They really do live up to that name.

The new Jayhawks get-up is heavy on crimson and heavy on chrome, and the result is not as slick as the excited players would have you believe.

Chrome for chrome’s sake has never worked out well. “Kool-Aid” red is also a dicey shade if not complemented well. Safe to say that’s not happening here.

The enlarged jayhawk on the helmet is a slightly redeeming quality, but there’s not much else working for this look. Grade: C-





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