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Kimmel to Andrews: Howie Long Hates Me

November 27th, 2012| by

When Fox Sports’ college football host Erin Andrews was asked to be a guest on Monday’s edition of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” she likely expected good-natured barbs from the eponymous host about her new colleagues. As it turns out, Kimmel might have an axe to grind with one of them.

In recalling his four-year stint (1999-2002) as a prognosticator on “Fox NFL Sunday,” Kimmel said that he and co-host Howie Long were far from friends.

“He’s a beautiful man, there’s no question about it,” Kimmel said. “But there’s nothing in his head, there’s nothing on the inside. There’s a football where a brain should be. And don’t let those glasses fool you, there’s nothing going on in there.”

Andrew seemed to take this all in stride. In fact, from the looks and sounds of it, she expected Kimmel’s anti-Howie rant that revealed one of the stranger potential media feuds we’ve seen in a while.





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