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Les Miles: I’ve Eaten Pickled Cow Tongue

August 28th, 2012| by

LSU coach Les Miles’ recruiting visits aren’t just meant to convince players to commit to the Tigers. They’re also an opportunity for him to expand his palette.

ESPN’s Dave Wilson asked Miles and the SEC’s other 13 head coaches, “What’s the weirdest thing a family has ever served you on a recruiting visit?” Miles responded that a Louisiana family served him pickled cow tongue. As a dessert.

“Everybody took a little sliver,” Miles told Wilson. “Kind of chopped it up good. And … it tasted pretty good. It wasn’t all that bad.”

If any coach would have an open mind when it comes to food choices, it’s Miles. He’s already been known to subsist on the Bermuda Grass of Tiger Stadium.

[ESPN Playbook]




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