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Manziel Looks Very Old in Video Game

June 19th, 2013| by

Apparently, the hard-partying and jet-setting lifestyle has taken its toll on Texas A&M star QB Johnny Manziel. At least according to the folks at EA Sports, who make Johnny Football look a lot older than his 20 years in the soon-to-be-released “NCAA Football 14.”

Manziel has heavier bags under his eyes, less hair (as well as a more-defined widow’s peak), jowls where there weren’t jowls before and a more overall beefiness than how he has in real life. Is EA Sports trying to project what he’ll look like in 20 years if he keeps up his current lifestyle habits?

That being said, he’s rated at a 97. Yeah, we’ll take our chances in “NCAA Football 14” with old, fat Manziel as our dynasty-mode QB.





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