Masochist Hoyas Fan ‘Pays His Dues’

April 11th, 2013| by

We thought it was funny when a diehard Georgetown fan followed through on a bet with the internet/Reddit community by doing two cinnamon challenges back-to-back after Louisville won the Big East tournament. Now we’re just concerned that he’s a glutton for punishment.

On Wednesday, the fan posted a nearly seven-minute long video of him simultaneously paying his dues on three other bets he made. They were as follows:

  • If Georgetown failed to make the Sweet Sixteen, he would do the “Icy Hot Challenge” (click on the link to the Urban Dictionary definition; spoiler alert, it’s very painful)
  • If Syracuse made it past Georgetown in the NCAA tournament, he would eat a lemon
  • If a Big East team that wasn’t Georgetown won the NCAA tournament, his sister would slap him across the face 50 times

After the first 12 slaps, the fan’s sister asks him, “Who’s the bet with?” To which he replies, “Everyone on the internet.”

It’s worth pointing out that the web must share his love of all this. As of 10:30 AM ET on Thursday, the up-vote to down-vote ratio on the video is a stagger 148-to-1.





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