Mayock Annoyed With Frequent Te’o Talk

April 26th, 2013| by

Even people paid to be draft experts can get a little worn out discussing the same storylines over and over again.

Such was the case on Thursday night with Mike Mayock on the NFL Network. With six picks remaining in the first round, host Rich Eisen turned the conversation to two high-profile players who had yet to be selected: Notre Dame LB Manti Te’o and West Virginia QB Geno Smith.

“Some folks at home might think we’re returning to it a little bit too much,” said Eisen. A visibly tired Mayock responded with, “Some folks at the desk might think that.”

Yes, Mayock came across as slightly pissy. But simultaneously, he said what must have been on most viewers’ minds. And he’s to be credited with not letting his association with “Notre Dame Football on NBC” pressure him into talking endlessly about Te’o.

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