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Missouri Pol’s Epic Rant Hits YouTube

May 18th, 2012| by

The controversial attempt by the Kansas Athletic Alumni Association to issue Jayhawk license plates in the state of Missouri that has caused a political firestorm in the Show-Me-State has reached a new level of absurdity.

Missouri Rep. Stephen Webber, who sponsored an amendment to a higher education bill that would allow just in-state schools to be featured on Missouri license plates, had his epic rant about blocking KU license plates posted on YouTube and it’s a doozy. Between saying “Screw KU” during a speech in front of the Missouri House of Representatives to offering to back down only if the Border War continues after the Tigers jump to the SEC, Webber pretty much loses his mind.

If you’re not able to listen to the audio at work, there’s a transcript below. But we highly recommend the YouTube clip that features a cameo from Napoleon Dynamite to mock the eerily similar voice of the 28-year-old politician who resides in Columbia, MO, home of the University of Missouri:

“Madam Speaker, I’m of course referring to the effort by some to affix the dreaded, disgusting Jayhawk symbol onto our Missouri license plates. Madam Speaker, in this state we brew the beer that the world drinks; we build the fighter planes that keep the world free; we raise the food the world eats; and we raise Tiger fans. Madam Speaker, I was raised as one of those Tiger fans. To me there’s no sweeter sounds than a good M-I-Z-screw-K-U chant.

Madam Speaker, there not nights that my town is happier than when those folks from the west have come into our community and in the Hearnes Center, Mizzou Arena we sent them whimpering back across the border. Madam Speaker, I would oppose an effort to affix that symbol under pretty much any circumstance. But it is exceptionally insulting this year. Madam Speaker, this year is the year that those folks to the west, after 120 years of competition, have decided that they no longer wish to meet our football team on the field of athletic competition. Now, to be honest, after the beat down that we’ve given them the last couple of years, I understand their decision. It is also the year that they’ve decided their basketball team, which they think very highly of, no longer wants to meet our team on the field of athletic competition.

Now, I don’t like KU under any circumstance, but if the year that they can’t find the heart – they can’t find the courage to play us is the year they want to add something to our license plate, I say, not if this body has anything to do with it. Madam Speaker, I want to prevent the dreaded Jayhawk, the disgusting Jayhawk form being affixed to our beautifully crafted state license plates. I’m a reasonable person, though, Madam Speaker, and I tell you what: I think we should pass this amendment, and, if in the next 365 days, the Jayhawks find the courage to dig down in themselves and actually play us, then, Madam Speaker, I personally will file legislation to repeal this amendment. But if they’re not willing to stand and play us, then, Madam Speaker, I say M-I-Z-no-KU.”






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