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Mizzou DL: Why Do I Pay for NCAA 14?

July 9th, 2013| by

Among those who have sat up and paid attention to former UCLA basketball player Ed O’Bannon’s lawsuit against the NCAA and its effect on college sports is Missouri defensive lineman Lucas Vincent.

On the eve of the release of EA Sports’ “NCAA Football 14” on Tuesday, Vincent raised a fair point.

A screenshot of how Vincent appears in the game is pasted below. He shares the same height, weight, uniform number and skin tone as Vincent, with only his name missing.

There are some who will shoot down Vincent’s tweet by saying he should be grateful that he has a full college scholarship to play football. However, as SB Nation’s Jason Kirk points out:

“EA Sports doesn’t pay for his scholarship. Whether players should be paid by their schools or conferences or not is a separate issue; the fact is that someone’s making money off of these players, money that has nothing in any way to do with their scholarships. In fact, allowing EA Sports to pay players would solve part of the scholarship debate.”

We agree: EA Sports should be paying Vincent instead of the other way around.

[SB Nation]

Right Photo Credit: Kim Klement/USA Today Sports





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