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MSU Fan to Drink Own Urine Over Bet

October 30th, 2013| by

If you thought a Washington Redskins fan eating his own beard over a lost bet was disgusting, brace yourself for how one Michigan State fan is prepared to eat, er, drink his own words after a self-bet against the Spartans.

With Michigan State struggling on offense against Illinois in the second quarter on Saturday of an eventual 42-3 win, one Reddit user posted this to the college football subreddit: “If MSU drives 99 yards and scores a TD, I’ll drink my own piss.”

Naturally, the Spartans marched 99 yards down the field and scored a touchdown with six seconds remaining in the first half on a ridiculous tip-drill touchdown catch by wide receiver Bennie Fowler:

The user who goes by “okkgrizz” then posted: “What I have done?!”

He later added: “99 yard drive seemed pretty unlikely at the time. It was a strange feeling of elation and despair when Bennie Fowler caught that pass.”

After being called out by fellow Redditors, “okkgrizz” responded on Tuesday:

“Hello Everyone,

I intend to make good on this commitment. As I said, I would post before the Michigan/Michigan State game this weekend. That being said, I would like to preserve my anonymity. I have a job I would like to keep ‘n shit and families members not to shame. I can see Deadspin doing a stupid piece on this, “Sparty Bro drinks own piss”

Suggestions on how one might do this without blowing my cover?


Our thoughts are delete your Reddit account immediately and never speak of this again.




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