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MSU’s Payne Falls Hard on Missed Dunk

March 8th, 2013| by

Michigan State forward Adreian Payne was in actual pain after hitting the floor hard following a missed dunk attempt in the Spartans’ 58–43 win over Wisconsin on Thursday.

Roughly midway through the second half, Payne went up for a slam that would’ve brought the Breslin Center roof down. Instead, Payne missed and then lost his grip on the rim and was sent crashing to the floor, landing squarely on his upper back.

Evidently the fall looked a lot worse than it actually was, as Payne bounced up. Upon heading to the bench for a much-needed breather, Tom Izzo wrapped him in a rib-crushing bear hug.

That’s the kind of love you get from the Spartans coach when you sacrifice your body like that.





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