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Murray & McLovin: Separated at Birth?

September 24th, 2013| by

QB Aaron Murray has had a tremendous career at Georgia. He already holds the SEC record for career touchdown passes, with 102 and counting. Barring injury, he will own almost every major Bulldogs career passing record by season’s end — after which he’ll be drafted into the NFL.

For all that, there’s one thing we (along with several others) can’t get out of our head whenever we watch the UGA signal-caller: The guy is a dead ringer for McLovin (real name: Fogell) from the 2007 movie, Superbad.

In fact, the more we dig into the topic, the more we conclude that Murray’s got a lot more in common than the obvious physical resemblance.

The Look


This alone would be enough to convince people that Murray and McLovin (played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse) are distantly related.

Both of them rock a short, close-cropped haircut of their dark brown hair. Both of them have a baby face (no surprise considering that Murray is 22 and Mintz-Plasse was 18 when the movie came out). And both seem to be perpetually sporting a goofy, toothy smile. (Murray looks even more like Mintz-Plasse, now 24, in real life.)

The only thing Murray needs to add to his ensemble and complete the McLovin look is the glasses. Of course, using this as his touchdown celebration couldn’t hurt either.

The Voice

He may be a fifth-year senior, yet Murray still has the tone of voice you would hear from someone still in high school: Squeaky and high-pitched to the point where you think his voice is going to crack at any minute.

Sound familiar to you? If you’re a normal person and you’ve seen Superbad at least 10 times, it should. It’s the exact same tone of voice you’ve heard from Fogell , most memorably when he’s trying to convince Seth (Jonah Hill) and Evan (Michael Cera) that it was a good idea to a) Go with “McLovin” on his fake ID; and b) List his age as 25 instead of 21.

[WARNING: Language in video below is NSFW.]

Yes, Murray is a 22-year-old, Floridian quarterback and not a 25-year-old, Hawaiian organ donor. But if you just heard him talk, you’d think for a moment that he might be the latter.

The Style

Being imbued with the confidence that comes with being an SEC quarterback, Murray hasn’t shied away from taking fashion risks.

Murray has shown off a satchel that makes him look like Zach Galifinakis in The Hangover and also donned a massively undersized Christmas shirt (possibly children’s pajamas?) complete with reindeer antlers on his head.

The outfits reminds us of McLovin and his party-going vest. (We’ll give McLovin credit, he does look older wearing that thing.) Just as Evan told McLovin to take off the vest because he “looks like Aladdin,” perhaps someone told Murray to lose the antlers and top because he looks a North Pole elf.

The Ladies

We’re sure that Murray — being the BMOC star quarterback at a major state university — does just fine for himself when it comes to women. We’re just yet to witness any displays of such prowess. In fact, the best way to describe what we’ve seen from him in this regard is “awkward teenager.”

There was the failed effort to “recruit” the girlfriend of a rival SEC quarterback to root for Georgia…

…the shirtless scooter ride down Milledge Avenue in Athens while trying to woo UGA sorority sisters participating in rush week…

…and the off-key attempt to cover a Backstreet Boys classic.

Yup, “awkward teenager” perfectly sums all this up. Of course, McLovin can relate, having troubles of his own wooing members of the opposite sex.

The Accuracy

Murray’s always put up big numbers with the Dawgs, having never thrown for fewer than 24 TDs or 3,049 yards in any season thus far. One area he’s needed to improve in, however, is accuracy, having his completion percentage hover around 60% each of his first two years in Athens.

After upping that to 64.5% last year, he’s at a sparkling 72% as a senior.

While McLovin never struck us as the type who could throw an 85-yard scoring strike on 3rd-and-13, he experienced a confidence-boosting moment of his own pertaining to literal firepower. Break yourself, fool!

Yep, Murray & McLovin sure seem to be separated at birth in more ways than one. Why do we get a sneaking feeling this will be a sign on ESPN’s “College GameDay” this weekend from Athens?






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