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NCSU Forward RTs Anti-Gottfried Post

January 23rd, 2013| by

T.J. Warren is enjoying a solid freshman season at NC State, averaging 12.2 PPG in 25.4 MPG for a team that has been in the Top 25 for much of 2012–2013. This made one of Warren’s retweets following a Tuesday night loss to Wake Forest a curious one, to say the least.

Thomas de Thaey, a sophomore forward who left the Wolfpack program in November, tweeted “That’s what happens when you’re a great recruiter, but a terrible coach!” after Tuesday’s game. Warren retweeted that despite going for 14 points, six rebounds and two steals in the loss.

Wisely, Warren has removed the offending post. Keep an eye out as to whether he sees less than his season MPG average in NC State’s next game. If he does, we’ll all know why.





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