Northwestern Football: 32-Year-Old Navy SEAL Tom Hruby Trying Out for Team

August 9th, 2014| by

Northwestern players better think twice before making fun of the age of 32-year-old Tom Hruby, who is attempting to walk onto the Wildcats’ football team.

That’s because the junior is an active Navy SEAL who has served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

As Hruby told the Chicago Sun-Times:

“I don’t feel like where I’m at today is some outstanding or amazing thing. It’s just more of a challenging route…the way I kind of think about finding and accepting and trying to take on these challenges that most people would probably say are impossible, one, or very unlikely or just plain dumb. …

… One day you’re blowing things up, the next day I’m fast-roping out of a helicopter, the next day I’m parachuting at 20,000 feet. It’s inherently dangerous. When you start, you’re like, ‘God, I could die any minute. Any one of these things today can kill me if I don’t do it right.’”

Hruby – who has a wife and three kids – is trying to make the team as a defensive end while living in the dorms and also serving as a SEAL instructor.

So basically, Hruby is Northwestern’s Rudy – but a million times more badass.





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