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Ole Miss LB Mike Marry Goes All Pink

July 17th, 2013| by

It’s only fitting that SEC Media Days — the college football equivalent of a boxing press conference — would feature players in outlandish outfits as well as some of the sport’s juiciest sound bites.

In that former regard, Ole Miss LB Mike Marry stole the show on Tuesday, rocking an all-pink suit, a pink-and-white checkered dress shirt and a pink-and-blue argyle tie. Try looking at the below photo of Marry without suddenly craving cotton candy.

Perhaps there’s a competition between Marry and Rebels star WR Donte Moncrief for “Swaggiest SEC Media Days Outfit” that we don’t know about. The latter has also brought his A-game both this year and last year, but there’s no topping Marry’s all-pink getup.

However, Redditor “USCgamecocks” makes a fair point: Shouldn’t Marry have waited until Wednesday to wear pink?





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