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Oregon Pulls April Fool’s Mascot Prank

April 1st, 2013| by

Oregon had some April Fool’s Day fun at the expense of its fans on Monday when it jokingly “announced” that Puddles the Duck would now be the school’s co-mascot with the widely-panned Roboduck (official name: Mandrake).

Read Oregon’s Facebook page: “Welcome back from spring break, students! We’re pleased to announce today the return of an old friend, Mandrake, as co-mascot of the University of Oregon. (Please do NOT call him Roboduck!) Go Ducks!”

The Facebook comments ranging from, “What?! Why?! He was terrible then, he’s still terrible!” to “Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! Not okay!” are comedic gold.

Mandrake was first introduced to the world in 2002 during a home football game against Stanford. A more “modern” looking counterpart to Puddles, Mandrake — who was, not coincidentally, “born” the same year that Autzen Stadium got its space-aged makeover — served as an alternate (but not replacement) mascot at various Ducks sporting events up until 2007, when it was mercifully axed to the delight of Oregon fans everywhere.

This was not only a first-rate April Fool’s joke, it was also a nice unintentional dig at Pac-12 rival Arizona State and their recent mascot re-branding snafu.





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